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September 23, 2012


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"Follow the rules, or I'll cut you with a spoon."

1. "So, I'm kinda new to this whole "socialization" concept. In your chatroom, who must I respect?"
Everyone, buddy. Every-flippin'-one. Rude and hurtful behavior will not be tolerated. Respect the requests moderators may make to insure the room's safety and coherence.

2. "They've said I had to pick a group, but I'm lost! Help, help! What do the group names mean?"
"Gay. Straight. Retarded. Why do we have to put labels on everything?" (Nathan Young - Misfits). Because we can!
- Bad-Asses = Semes (dominants).
- In-Between = Switch or both
- Blushers = Ukes (submissives).
- WeHeartBoys = Gay males.
- TransFabulous = Transgenders, transsexuals.
- DoubleDippers = Bisexuals.
- We_Like_It_All = Pansexuals.
- Sexy_Drags = Drag queens, drag kings, cross dressers.
- WeHeartGirls = Lesbians.
- OneWayStreets = Heterosexuals (male or female).
- Beasts = Furries, anthros.
- The_Undecided = Whatever!
- Not_Interested = Asexuals, no sex.

3. "Derp-a-herp, is drama allowed in this room?"
Of course not, you weirdo! This is a place for peace and entertainment. Don't start drama, don't start fights, don't continue fights, don't discuss offensive material. "But, but, someone in the chatroom said I had an ugly nose! I now dislike this person very much! What can I do about that?" Don't let it get to you or put them on ignore. If you bring personal drama in here, we'll send the rainbow-dyed pitbulls after you. Also note that our bots will react to specific, offensive words. These words will result in an autokick. We also demand that you stay clear from offensive topics. These would include racism, culture bias, sexism, and rude terms against a person's sexuality, religion or culture.

4. "Hey! I love to spam. I spam like a real spammer spamming spam. Can I spam in your spammable chatroom?"
You've got issues, kid! No, you are not allowed to spam in our chatroom. It causes lag and disrupts discussions. We demand that communicating conditions remain appropriate.

5. "I'm itching to post a link! I want to do it so much! What should I do?"
We ask that you rate your links in order to let everyone know what type of material you are sharing. You can rate them as follow:
:bulletgreen: = Type ": bulletgreen :" without the spaces.
:bulletyellow: = Type ": bulletyellow :" without the spaces.
:bulletorange: = Type ": bulletorange :" without the spaces.

6. "Sometimes, my brain shuts down and I drool on my keyboard. Is there an idling limit in the chatroom?"
No. But we don't guarantee your e-body will not be left untouched. We might have a use out of your e-liver. Or your e-kidney.

7. "Roleplaying is so cool! I like to think I am a super hero dressed in a flamboyant speedo. Am I allowed to post roleplaying requests in the chatroom?"
Yes, but you are encouraged to obey the deviantART ToS: no sexual RPing will be allowed. That being said, you may post your requests in bold to alert people of your interests. However, observe a 15 minutes period before posting your requests again, or if your request is still visible on the screen. Finally, please don't come in here simply to post requests and idle the rest of the time. Socialize a bit! You'll notice your requests will become much more popular if fellow RPers appreciate your presence.

8. "So, this guy, a moderator, told me to stop bashing over the head of someone else. I'm blinded by anger, what does that mean?!"
If a moderator asks, demands or tells you to stop, calm your tits and stop. Don't argue. If you believe you were victim of an unfair decision from a moderator, take it to TheSinisterLove. However, make sure you have kept a copy of the logs in order to prove your point.

9. "So, I'm kind of a loser and did something wrong anyway. How does the punishment system work if I fail to follow these rules?"
2 warnings -> 3 kicks -> BAM! ban. You're lucky though: there is a forgiveness period. If you have been banned, you can message a moderator and ask to be unbanned. Be convincing... Also, if you have gone 3 months with no trouble, a kick or a ban may be removed from your tally in the room! Rejoice!

10. "I speak english. Hablo español también. Oh, et français également. En Nederlands. And... many other languages, really. Am I allowed to use languages other than English in the chatroom?"
Certainly! As long as the other rules listed in this journal or in the deviantART ToS are obeyed, you can go right ahead.

Additional notes:
- At all times, you must follow the rules listed in this journal, as well at the deviantART ToS.
- Make use of your common sense. We were all born with some.
- No trolling allowed. Everytime a troll trolls, God kills a troll. Food for thoughts.
- Not everyone will share your opinions. Be open minded.
- Do not advertise your own chatroom (or your group) in our chatroom, unless you were given a permission by TheSinisterLove.
- The bots part of the Watchmen category should never be put on ignore, especially not TheCastlesHeart. If you do put them on ignore, I'll piss in your Cheerios.
- Users wishing to bring bots in the chatroom must be aware that their bots must also be following the chatroom rules. Failure to comply will result in... castration or whatever. Something awful.

Tabbing lessons!
That's right, kids, it's time to learn to tab! Tabbytytab! Tabbing someone means sending a message directly to a specific person. This message will be highlighted on their screen. In order to do that, you must type the first few letters of their username (such as "Tin" for "TinyOmelet") and press your Tab key.

:tabbutton: by KisayaMyst

You may then proceed with your message. When you will press your Enter key, the message will be sent. Congratulations! You won the Internet!

Last update: April 8th, 2013.
You are here. MAYBE!
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